Monday, October 29, 2007

Your 2007 World Series champion

Congratulations, Boston Red Sox. In the wake of your recent championship run -- the second in four years, if you've lost count -- you leave so many in a blaze of sadness that we're reminded (inadvertently) of California wildfires. We can't imagine how hard the Indians and Angels and Yankees and maybe four other American League teams are kicking themselves right now, thinking, That could have been us mauling those minor leaguers.

Red Sox Nation, we hope you can sleep at night knowing your team has left entire fan bases feeling wretched and deprived. Just look at Eric Wedge and Todd Helton. I mean, seriously...

Barry Chin/Boston Globe; Jonathan Daniel/Getty

Of course, you don't care, what between your beer goggles and Mass Street riots. But that's okay. Get drunk, New England. You won't have another chance to celebrate like this until February, when that other team of yours finishes disposing of chumps like the "Pittsburgh Steelers," "Indianapolis Colts" and "Dallas Cowboys."

Onward, Nation! More exclamation marks! Procreate and be merry!


  1. Um. Hyperlinking that picture to "procreate" was possibly in bad taste.

    Oh well.

  2. When you write "Mass Street riots" are you obliquely referring to a mass of riotous humanity roiling on unspecific Hub streets, or are you trying to specifize the location of said Beantown riots to the important thoroughfare of Mass. Ave.?

    I potentially tease because I potentially love.

  3. i think the procreate link was great

    reminds me of my half-decade at UMass