Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jeff Francis on the SI cover

A fourth-grader at St. Clare's Catholic School in Edwards asked the Rev. Bob Kinkel for his prayers regarding a troubling matter.

The Rockies were on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
-- Electra Draper, The Denver Post

Perhaps soon will be the day when appearing on an SI cover means squat, but for now, it's still noteworthy. Kind of.

The feel-good stories keep flowing out of Denver like honey from Cornucopia. Check out the stories from The Denver Post today:
And "It's no mirage: Rox in command," was a headline yesterday, continuing the religious images. The Rockies are, after all, God's team.

Oh, and also the next Big Red Machine:

"I think they could be a club like the Big Red Machine if they keep the team together," said Bob Howsam, a fixture in Denver's baseball history and the architect of the Cincinnati Reds' dynasty in the 1970s. "I've thought over the last few months the Rockies were the best team in the National League."

The Rockies will not lose again.

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