Friday, October 19, 2007

Soon you'll have to pay to "Rocktober"

Well, this is one way for small market teams to generate revenue:

"Rocktober," the new shorthand for the Colorado Rockies' amazing playoff run, is showing up everywhere from newspaper headlines to handmade ballpark signs. But now the team wants a trademark to keep anyone else from selling keepsakes bearing the word.

The Rockies filed applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Oct. 4 asking for exclusive rights to the name on stuffed animals, Christmas stockings, baby booties, T-shirts, bobble-head dolls and the like.

Guess we won't be hearing "Rocktober" on any Sports Illustrated commemorative issue commercials if the team wins the World Series... not that SI would've used such a corny phrase anyway (I hope).

And soon joining Rocktober© on the list, the phrase "I can't explain it," Todd Helton's facial hair, celebratory videos and Troy Tulowitzki's babies, prompted by the enormous fan outcry to "have Troy Tulowitzki's baby" (mostly by the blogger in the link).

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