Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Postseason predictions

Before you read this, please read Jayson Stark's column, which serves as one big disclaimer for anyone claiming foreknowledge of this upcoming slate of games.

That said:

Division Series:
Philadelphia, 3
Colorado, 2

Arizona, 1
Chicago, 3

Boston, 3
Los Angeles of Anaheim, 0

New York, 3
Cleveland, 2

Championship Series:
Philadelphia, 3
Chicago, 4

Boston, 3
New York, 4

World Series:
Chicago, 4
New York, 3

That's right, the Cubs.

Although in the interest of full disclosure, I'm rooting for Rockies-Indians but think we'll see Phillies-Red Sox (or Indians).

I understand this runs counter to my claim, nary two seconds ago, that I think the Cubs and Yankees will play in the World Series.

I don't really have a good answer for that...

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  1. OK, that's better. But it isn't going to happen. Sigh.