Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Royals blog? Two of them???

The latest one we've come across is called Royals on Radio Etc., which recently posted an interesting interview with Will McDonald, owner and proprietor of that popular Royals Review.

The other one, launched on Wednesday, is From the Booth with Steve Stewart, hosted by MLBlogs because Stewart is for real. Like, foshizzy fo'real. Been-broadcasting-baseball-for-16-years real. (MLBlogs is for the real baseball people only, like Megan Stock and Alyssa Milano.) Welcome to our corner, Mr. Stewart.

This is getting out of hand. Any more blogs and we're gonna have to hire someone to read our RSS every morning. But, in the classic (slightly modified) words of Kellen Winslow Jr.: "I don't give a damn! He would do the same thing to me. It's war. They don't give a freakin' you-know-what about you. They will kill you. They're out there to kill you. So I'm 'a kill 'em. You write that in the paper. You write that. You make money off that. No, man, I'm pissed. All y'all take this down. I'm pissed, man. We don't care about nobody except these Royals. We don't. If I didn't hurt him, he'd hurt me. They were gunnin' for my legs. I'm a come right back at 'em. I'm a fuckin' soldier!"

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