Thursday, March 13, 2008

A brawl, the KC Star and saying goodbye to the best show on TV

Shelley Duncan, Yankees: Yo momma so ugly, even Rice Krispies won't talk to her!
Akinori Iwamura, Rays: あなたは何を言いましたか?

It's not often that benches clear during a spring training game, but that's exactly what happened yesterday when Duncan slid spikes up into Iwamura at second. The bad blood was a carryover from the day before, when manager Joe Girardi complained about the Rays' aggressive play (Hank Steinbrenner did say Girardi had more fire in him than that other guy, what's his name... Tore something?).

Video via Fan IQ:

There's been a lot of talk about the Rays possibly contending this season (or improving significantly, at least), and with many experts predicting a Red Sox repeat, that means, by syllogism, some very rational people believe the Rays could top the Yankees. It appears the reality of this possibility -- or the mere consideration of it -- has rankled some in New York. These two teams play 18 times in the regular season, so expect more of the same; the slightly developmentally challenged younger cousin has finally come of age.

Somehow this reminds me of The Wire, which recently aired its last episode (Sunday), leaving me with a void that will never be filled. Newsweek offered this description of The Wire odyssey (spoilers within link):

"The Wire" was always a bit like a bad relationship. It required an inordinate amount of commitment and emotional investment. Some of our friends didn't get it, and we thought less of them as a result. It broke our hearts over and over and we crawled back for more. But when it was good, whew … it was so good.

We paid homage to the show when the Orioles came to town last year, and we'll probably bring it up again sometime later, but just letting you know, if we seem a bit despondent the rest of the week, this is the reason.

POSTSCRIPT: Scott Templeton is easily one of the most detestable characters in the show's history. Check out the shirt he's wearing.

(Via the excellent Aaron Barnhart, who works for our very own KC Star.) Says Barnhart:
Hey, even if [creator David Simon] had meant to slime our town, or me, I would've basked in the compliment. After all, “The Wire” is arguably the greatest TV series to grow on American soil. And my job has been enriched the past five years writing about the Baltimore that Simon and his talented cast and crew have dreamed up, their tangled web of cops, criminals, politicians, stevedores, teachers, hustlers and victims."

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