Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Royals Season Preview 5: Center of the Diamond

This one's about as cut and dry as it gets, so we'll get on with it:

Entering his second full season as the Royals GM, Dayton Moore will be looking to build upon his teams improvements last season.


The Royals will not contend in the AL Central the next season or two, but with a solid nucleus of young talent in place and a sharp GM, things seem to be finally looking brighter for a franchise stuck in last place.

The grades doled out by position aren't very telling -- C- for infield, C for outfield, C for starting pitching, B for relief pitching. Shouldn't that add up to a C+ grade overall, which would be good for, like, 80 wins?

COTD's prediction: 72-90, fifth place in the AL Central.


The Bleacher Report got a hold of this preview and is using it on their site. Again, it's cut and dry and doesn't leave me with much to say. So it goes.

POSTSCRIPT: Lee Warren's taking a bit of my thunder here, but that's okay. The more we can poke fun at national "pundits," the better.

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