Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Opening Dawn thoughts

Just two of them:
  1. Mike Sweeney should be in the starting lineup. He looks good at the plate, comfortable and confident, and judging by the way he was conducting himself in the dugout, he hasn't lost any of his leadership qualities. He came in as a pinch hitter in the 9th and promptly drew a walk from crowd darling Hideki Okajima. He was quickly replaced by a pinch runner, which was the right move but robbed us of seeing more of Sweeney. It's only been a couple months and we already miss the guy.

  2. Anyone see Emil Brown's awful baserunning gaffe? One could basically say it cost Oakland the game, or at least the chance to keep playing.

    In the 10th, with one out and trailing by two, Brown smoked a nice RBI-double to the right-center wall. Thinking the ball would get thrown home, he got greedy and darted for third, but the Red Sox, playing like the defending champs, would have none of it. Kevin Youkilis cut off the relay throw, and Brown was caught in a pickle.

    The next batter, with the A's down one and two out, singled.

    The batter after that singled as well.

    Jonathan Papelbon then retired Kurt Suzuki on a grounder to end the game.

    Poor Emil. We don't miss him as much.

Box score.

POSTSCRIPT: This is what everyone in Royals Land is going gaga over:

And we really don't need to remind anyone, but...

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