Monday, March 17, 2008

Royals Season Previews 7 and 8: Two of Us Talking Sports; Frank-ly Sports

Two small previews today, each of them part of larger league/division previews.

Introducing first...

...the first mention of the Royals occurs in the Twins preview:

4. Minnesota Twins:
-It’s sad really. ...
They will score very few runs, and the pitching will give up a ton. Thank God for the Royals.

You know what... I'm just going to agree with what everyone says for a day, see how it works. Let's give this a test-try.

"Thank God for the Royals."
Yes, thank God. I agree.
5. Kansas City Royals: -Another season, another 5th place finish in the Central Division.
I agree with this. The Royals always finish in 5th place, ergo, yes... brilliant.
But I have good news Royal fans: the pain will end sooner rather than later.
Yay, no pain! I can probably agree with that.
This team is being built to develop now, and make a run at titles in the 2010-2011-ish.
Definitely agree. 2010 is what we're shooting for, maybe 2011. Agree.

Hmm. So much less work that way.

Now for the guy who has the unfortunate hyphen in his blog title...

The preview's quite short, so we can actually go through it line by line:

I want these guys to win, and I would be happy for .500 baseball, but they are just not good.
They have young talent and a few decent veterans, but the weak pitching and the uncertain production of everyone in blue makes this team easy to bet against.
Hey now. Betting's illegal.
They will be better than the Orioles, but that may be it.
Then I shall hate the Orioles with all my guts.
The biggest off-season moves they made were signing Gil Meche and Jose Guillen, enough said.
You can't muster a few extra words?
They will show signs of getting it together, but in the end…they won’t.
They will beat the good teams, and lose to the bad, and round and round they’ll go.
You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby... yeah yeah yeah yeah
Expect teams to come to the fire sale at the trade deadline, because guys like DeJesus, Pena, Teahan, and Buck are good young players who need a better situation to play in.


(Taps finger on lower lip, trying to think of best thing to say...)


I got nothing.


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