Monday, May 7, 2007

21 days without complaint, start now

On this noonday after Zack Greinke's fourth non-quality start in five tries, Kansas City's babies weep while their mothers nap, dreamless and fretful like tormented termagants, while fathers toil in the uncharitable earth that spits back chalked dust what man fed it, which was sweet water and spring-toned nourishment lost now in grime and life-choking copper mites.

A pastor in Kansas City, Mo., has come up with an idea only a churchman could conjure or possibly pull off: 21 straight days without complaint. Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity conceived the idea; he preached it last summer and got some publicity in the fall, but recently the national media has caught on: CNN, NBC's Today Show, People Magazine.

The gist of it: order a purple bracelet and don't complain or use sarcasm for 21 straight days. Should you fail, switch wrists and start over. The simple concept has been swept up by people everywhere, including soldiers in Iraq, Congressmen on Capitol Hill and, according to the Church's website, "baseball teams." I wonder if that includes one in particular.

In the CNN article, Bowen says: "Complaining is saying, 'Man, that sucks.' What changes things is saying, 'This is not the way I would like it to be. This is how I would like it to be.' It's painting a picture or creating a vista to get people to look in that direction. It's where you want to move toward."

Using powers untold and prophetic (or preemptive, for you uninitiated), he must have been directly refuting this Royals Review post. Or maybe he was responding to any number of negative outbursts to the Royals' play. Either way, in honor of Bowen, IDWT pledges 21 straight days of non-snooty, uncritical, complaint-free observation and analysis, starting... NOW.

Greinke, who allowed six runs in four innings off three 2nd inning home runs, settled down and held the Tigers to just one hit afterwards. And the bullpen... um, nevermind the bullpen. The offense busted through in the late innings, touching former Royal Chad Durbin for two runs in the 8th, while the fielders played errorless... wait, wait a minute... just two runs? Off a guy who was an above-6 ERA pitcher when he was in KC? Durbin, THIS GUY??? And oh look how much fun people are having with this!

You know what... let's start this 21-day thing tomorrow.

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