Friday, May 4, 2007

All hail Gilgamesh!

Gilgamesh is a term I'll attribute to Lee of KCUR, though I've seen it elsewhere, too. Take out Vladimir Guerrero -- who I admire but am beginning to hate... admiringly -- from the Angels' lineup and our conquering hero has a no-hitter. Although he threw a lot of pitches, it was still a pretty brilliant performance, possibly his best all season. Someday soon I'm going to start lashing out at everyone who excoriated his signing, because I hold grudges.

And as long as Meche is on a roll, the Meche Meter's spinning outta control:
Money earned yesterday: $500,000 (max possible)
Season earnings: $2.6 million

Not to be outdone, Ross Gload had a fine day as well, going 4 for 4 with three runs and two RBIs. His triple gave the Royals nine for the year, which leads the league by a lot. It looks like the offense is finally showing some signs of life, posting at least 10 hits for the third straight game (with nine hits in the first game of the series). It's not like they've done it against chumps, either: Jered Weaver and Ervin Santana have some of the finest stuff among young pitchers, Bartolo Colon once won a Cy Young (however undeserved) and John Lackey is second in the AL in ERA (Meche is right behind him). I'm not going to say it, but this recent offensive outburst started with Billy Butler's call-up. Oops, I guess I just said it. Big Donkey drove in his just Major League run yesterday, too.

You have to feel all-around good about this win. Winning streak, people. Can you feel it?

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