Saturday, May 5, 2007

Around the Horn, lazy May edition

We haven't done this in a while, so let's pack our things and take a spin around the blogosphere (a term coined by the "mainstream" -- as if such designations are meaningful beyond its bisecting of society into a "normal" order and an "alternative" -- which I despise as much as the next guy (or gal) but am obliged to use because there just isn't anything better. Or as Toasted Suzy puts it:

I don't like the term "blogosphere." I use it because everyone else does--but I think it's ugly and suggests a greater distance between the world our written words create and the world we live in than actually exists. The internet affords us the opportunity to communicate more directly, honestly and openly with each other as individuals [rather than members of races, nations, genders, social classes, clubs etc.] and suggesting that this discourse takes place in a sphere that is divorced from reality [even transcending reality] may taint or nullify the positive effects this relatively new and useful form of discourse can and should have on individuals and society. Unfortunately, I can't come up with anything better than blogosphere, blogland or other such, so there it is.

Close parentheses). Now onto the Royals blogs:
  • We know Gil Meche is awesome. We know Dayton Moore is a prophet when it comes to the Meche/Schmidt/Carpenter comparisons. We know, with Meche leading the way, the Royals are suddenly overstocked with starting pitchers. But did any of us know there's a blog out there bearing our conquering hero's name?
Introducing: The Gil Meche Experience.

Unfortunately, it's not really about Gil Meche. In fact, as of today, 2:18 ET, Meche's pitching stats on that site remain two weeks outdated. The only post labeled Gil Meche is about, well... it's not really about anything, it just links to a Halloween picture, a miniature horse website and a highly humorous Deadspin post-cum-comment thread about Joey Porter's dogs. Basically, no harm, no foul.

But then I came to this: the Opening Day Royals liveblog. And this incriminating line:

The Meche keeps rolling and I begin to wonder about the snarky name of the blog. Maybe we should just pretend we liked him the whole time.

To which I'll keep my response short and dignified: you should like him. What's not to like about Gil Meche?

Here are some (possibly all) of their other Kansas City-related posts:
(The owner and proprietor of The Gil Meche Experience seems to be from the Bay Area, which makes me wonder if he knows the other Doolittle.)
  • Fun with Poz and the umbrage of the other other Doolittle... the Kansas City version.
  • A Royals Review version of Around the Horn, except they have enough writers within their network to just link to themselves.
  • This is interesting, and kind of funny.

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