Sunday, May 27, 2007

Um, what just happened?

No, really, what happened? I left my station at IDWT for the weekend to hang out with a visiting friend and travel back to KC, and I come back to find...
  • Gil Meche gave his worst performance of the year, giving up seven runs and 11 hits in 4.1 innings, then later revealing that he had been battling back stiffness. Royals lost 10-2.
  • Closer Joakim Soria got placed on the DL due to right shoulder inflammation.
  • The Royals suffered a 9-1 home loss in which the opposition hit yet another grand slam. After checking with Baseball Reference, it appears the Royals have allowed five grand slams already -- please add your name to the list that includes Nick Markakis, Chris Gomez, Pudge Rodriguez and Vladimir Guerrero, Mr. Kenji Johjima -- and moreover, it appears they've done a terrifically horrible job pitching with the bases loaded. Opponents are batting .333/.373/.686 in that situation, which means they've been more than eager to swing for the jugular at the hint of blood, while the Royals have proved unproficient at stanching the flow.
  • In the last three games, the Royals have lost by a combined score of 29-6, this after winning 8 of 10 and three in a row. Baseball's pendulum of prosperity swings fast and hard, and we can only hope its current momentum is sapping and that it'll soon swing back around.
At least Ryan Braun, recently recalled, has been pitching well: no runs allowed in his minor league stint at Triple A Omaha.

One more thing: Cha Seung Baek, whoever you are, I don't ever want to see you pitching against, hear that you will be pitching against, sense that you might come in as a relief pitcher against, or associated in any way with the Kansas City Royals. His career numbers against the Royals: three games, 15.1 IP, 10 hits, 1 ER, 15 strikeouts, including a start in Seattle this year in which he carried a no-hitter through six. Against everyone else: 59 K's and 96 hits allowed in 93 IP for a 5.23 ERA. Go pick on someone else.


  1. And the worst part of the whole deal is that they didn't look even remotely competitive in any of those 4 games. After the rain delay on Sunday we at least got some runs up on the board, but good god we looked like a bunch of jackasses waving our sticks around at the plate.

  2. hey man, nice site. thought i would start my two cents worth.. llooooong time royal/chiefs fan, (1969, chiefs), (1973, royals). So I live in Seattle and had to listen to the ramblin' of these Mariners fans. Was not happy with the play to be sure. It was going so well!!!! Well see if we can get back on track today vs. Bal. keep up the good work!

  3. king, kirk--
    thanks for your comments. I don't know what else to add to what you guys have already said, except, i guess, what I always say: patience ... virtue ... catharsis. Hopefully in that order. Until the turnaround completes itself, maybe we can use the Brewers to cheer us up (though they're not doing so hot right now either... even worse than the Royals, actually)