Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome back, Angel

I ran a Google search of "redemption" when I found out Angel Berroa's been recalled, and here's a quote I found:

"Redemption can be found in hell itself if that's where you happen to be." --Lin Jensen, Bad Dog!

Don't get ahead of yourself with assumptions, now. Redemption really is at hand for Berroa, who batted .303 in his month in Triple-A Omaha. What he does with this opportunity is completely up to him, but the man who replaced him hasn't exactly set the bar very high.

But seriously though... Oakland is hell. I'll be back tomorrow with substantiating evidence, and indisputable proof that Billy Beane is the Devil. It's a relativistic world.
Tonight's game pits two aces against each other for the second time in five days: Gil Meche, 2.15 ERA (3rd in league) vs. Dan Haren, 1.89 ERA (2nd). Let's hope for a repeat of last time.

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