Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Royals announce renovations to the K

If it's not broken... make it better! One of the best stadiums in baseball is set to undergo renovations in October, to be completed in 2010, hopefully in time for the All-Star game. A lot of folks have already blogged about this, but I couldn't help posting this artist's rendering:


In other parts...
  • Dueling opinions about Alex Gordon. You know the camp IDWT's in. [Royals Locker appears to be an old new blog -- that is, a site that's been around since February but has somehow flown under my radar. No longer -- blog roll updated.]

  • A follow-up to my previous post: Joe Posnanski receives "I told you so" email from Royals fan, and loves it (that second email from a Royals fan in New York isn't me, but who could it be?).

  • An MLB.com feature on Jorge De La Rosa. Excerpt:

    "In the past, De La Rosa often lost confidence on the mound and wasn't consistent with his delivery. The problems led to a high walk rate -- 6.6 free passes allowed per nine innings entering 2007 -- and a 5.88 career ERA. The spring yielded a new De La Rosa -- one who could find the same release point."

    You have to love stories that identify a change in mechanics as the cause for a pitcher's improvement.

Now we prepare to host the Indians, who just got done making up their Opening Day game. As luck would have it, they threw out their ace, C.C. Sabathia, so he won't be available for any games at the K. Sweep: too much to hope for?

(Never is the answer.)

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  1. the only team that is farther out on may 22 than the royals is the washington nationals. how long will your optimism last, tao? i am guessing the all star break, when they are 18 games out.