Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Around the Horn: Royals midseason reports

I just want to put a wrap on last night's Home Run Derby. At 2:20 a.m., I got this text message from my correspondent: "I ran into meche after the derby." I quickly called her up and had this exchange:

Me: What was it like?
Her: Nothing.
Me: Nothing?
Her: We just looked at each other and walked by.
Me: Wait. You looked at each other?
Her: I walked by Justin Morneau. He also looked at me.
Me: Okay, I don't care.
Her: I saw Harold Reynolds. He smiled at me.

I expressed a little more interest in HR.

Me: Hey, let's talk more about Gil Meche.
Her: There's nothing to talk about.
Me: What was he wearing?
Her: What was he wearing?
Me: What was he wearing?
Her: He was wearing his uniform.
Me: Oh.
Her: David Wright: That guy was crazy.

That was the end of our Meche chat.

Lots of folks around the Royals blogosphere have written midseason reports, and you can access them all from this site. One stop reading.
I thought there'd be more, but... not yet. Maybe during the off-days tomorrow and Thursday.

Don't forget to catch tonight's All-Star game at 8 p.m. ET, 7 Central on Fox. Our Gilgamesh needs you! (Actually, he needs Jim Leyland to insert him into the game for America to take note: The heartland will dominate the national baseball scene real soon. Be afraid, East Coast.)

UPDATE, 7/11: Meche, in fact, did not enter the game. And other All-Star futility, via Royals Review.

UPDATE 2: Another midseason report: Dick Kaegel, MLB.com

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