Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shawn Peters sucks

The downside to leaving for a weekend at the beach is getting disconnected from everything going on in the world, including the Royals' assertion of dominance over the Rangers. We'll discuss further later -- Brian Bannister's gem, Billy Butler's continuing emergence, Leo Nunez's brilliance -- but first I'd like someone to explain to Mr. Shawn Peters that he's a moron.

Someone will bring in Dotel to set up or even close in a pinch, and K.C. will have to choose another reliever to close the door on the rare occasions when it actually wins. [HT: Lee Warren]

I commented, and was encouraged to see I wasn't the first Royals fan to do so. Called the guy a hack. Not my most creative effort, but beach + boatloads of beer sometimes will disable your brain.

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