Thursday, July 5, 2007

A small letdown following 17-run outburst

This is stating the obvious, but getting shut out the day after scoring 17 runs is a little weird. Brian Bannister, one of Dayton Moore's trade gems, couldn't follow up on his AL Rookie of the Month award with a win, though he did throw six innings of shutout ball after giving up four runs in the 1st. The Mariners were just too tough. Jarrod Washburn went 8+ innings and J.J. Putz, the best closer in baseball, collected three outs on two pitches to record his 24th save. If I were Tim Kurkjian, I'd be calling Elias right now to ask if these things have ever happened: no runs after scoring 17 the game before, and three outs on two pitches for a save. Alas, I'm just a blogger, and Elias would never take my calls.

Memorial Day in front of Kansas City's WWI memorial.

Off-day today before the D-Rays and their AL-worst 33-50 record come to town. Are we sure baseball needs a franchise in Tampa Bay? Someone in the Tampa blogosphere want to defend their team?

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