Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An open letter to Scott Elarton

There's no easy way to say this, Scotty, but we're gonna need you to pack your things and be out of here by tomorrow morning. This is a tough business. There's no sense in saying sorry. You know how it goes.

We had the largest crowd here at the K since Opening Day, and, let's face it, you kinda let 'em down. Aw, hell, why mince words? Seven earned runs in less than two innings is an embarrassment. We'll shoulder some blame, of course. This organization never should have used you as a sacrificial lamb. We thought... I don't know, that maybe you were a reborn Leonidas ready to find off wolves with a spear and a loincloth. In retrospect, that was probably foolish thinking on our part. But that doesn't excuse the fact that you allowed seven runs and taxed our bullpen and basically gave us no chance to win -- and really, we were all only asking for a chance.

Anyway, everyone's turned against you, Scotty, some begrudgingly, others flagrantly. Brett's Royals calls you "terrible" and said you gave away the game. Again, we'll shoulder some blame for that, but... you did last only five outs. Royals Authority says your career's over, and you know what? I hope not. I hope you surface again someplace else where you can be happy and productive. But things do end, you know. Joe Posnanski -- who genuinely likes you -- thinks you shouldn't be allowed another start. You've touched off another rant over at Royals Review. RTC Talk is comparing you to a stork. So on and so forth.

Scotty, it's over. Your career as a Kansas City Royal is over. I don't know what your future holds, but I do know a 10.46 ERA and 2.00 WHIP isn't going to cut it. Not here.

But hey... I hear the Washington Nationals could always use another arm.

UPDATE: The Royals have released Scott Elarton.


  1. I was holding out hope that the beard would make a difference.

    Maybe if LaRue catches him next time out?

  2. To all of those guys that are trashing Scott Elarton.....I have this to say...I bet you could not throw a baseball even 1/4 of the way to homeplate let alone reach the plate. Also, I bet you sit in front of your TV and drink beers and eat potato chips only to add to your overweight problems and beer bellies. O'h are athletes, I played little league.

    By the way...Scott Elarton's ERA is I believe 2.57 now at AAA.

    It is always the average joe who's accomplished nothing in his life that likes to make fun out of successfuls althetes or people, like Scott Elarton, who have a period where they struggle some what.