Thursday, July 26, 2007

Damn Yankees

A tip of the hat to Gilgamesh for taking the ball in the 8th, even though he was over 100 pitches. He has heart. Or, as the fan club sang in the musical --
You're a hero cause you've got heart
You've got heart-
You've got heart-
Meche needed to bail out the bullpen, and he did, to his personal detriment. That's called taking one for the team.

via FanHouse

This one hurts though. Ace on the mound up against a beatable Mike Mussina, and the bats go cold. The Yankees always seem to have old farts who just know how to handle young batters. And their offense has looked like the second coming of Alaric's barbarian hordes recently, averaging 11.7 runs in their last six games and sacking all that's precious and worth protecting. 11.7 runs per game is ridiculous.

One last chance to avoid a demoralizing four-game sweep tonight when Jorge De La Rosa takes on the pride of Hanshin, Kei Igawa.


  1. FYI, IDWT readers. The Tao has just dropped Gil Meche from his fantasy league.

    If Dayton trusts him, why does The Tao not trust Dayton? Looks like we might have to find a new blog name...

  2. It was an accident, I assure you. Waver not, Bluecrowners.

  3. The 11th commandment:

    Thou shalt not drop Meche from fantasy roster.