Monday, July 30, 2007

George Brett on Barry Bonds

ESPN, known for arena football and who's at something or other in the present moment, gave us something useful just now.

Here's what Kansas City's adopted son, George Brett, had to say about the most inglorious slugger of our times as part of SportsCenter's Sunday Conversation:

Nobody thinks it's for real. I mean, everybody I talk to. Not here. Friends, other people, you know. Obviously everywhere he goes on the road people don't think it's real. Because he gets booed everywhere. You would think with a guy like that, with no controversy, he'd get cheered.

Mr. Brett is a well-spoken man.

POSTSCRIPT 1: Congratulatons, Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. And you, Emil Brown, for just being yourself.

POSTSCRIPT 2: You want a feel-good sports story that doesn't make you feel good? Iraq soccer just won 1-0 win in the Asian Cup championship game when, hours into the celebration, four died in celebratory gunfire, and suicide bombers took advantage of the momentarily unifying victory to kill at least 50*. You think either Tom Friend or Tom Rinaldi will want to touch this story now that it's been tainted by the real world?

POSTSCRIPT 3: BIG congratulations to longtime Royals broadcaster Denny Matthews. It's a well-deserved Hall of Fame bid, Mr. Matthews.

*Thanks to reader bfos for pointing out that the suicide bombings happened after the semifinals, which makes the shooting of guns after the next match all the more ridiculous.


  1. Just a note: The suicide bombers that killed 50 in Iraq happened after the semi-final, not the final. Not sure how many died after the final.

  2. Good comment about Rinaldi, etc. They must curse the real world all the time for screwing up their puff pieces.